Blogging Challenge Day 3 – A habit you wish you didn’t have

Blogging Challenge Day 3 – A habit you wish you didn’t have

Hello, and welcome to day 3 of my 30 day blogging challenge. Todays post is all about a habit I wish I didn’t have.

Well this one is pretty easy for me – sugar. I have such a sweet tooth, it is ridiculous. I know it’s really bad, and I am seriously trying to cut down. Fizzy drinks are my biggest weakness, and cake. Cake is so good. You all know how good cake is, and I’m sure we all enjoy a little bit of cake every now and then. It’s great at any time of day/month/year. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t sit and stuff my face all day every day with cake. I know when to stop but I do get tempted easily. Whenever we do go out for dinner I do always check out the desserts before anything else.

I don’t really drink alcohol anymore which means when we go out for a meal or to the pub I generally drink soft drinks. Tea and coffee are also a no-no for me, hot chocolate is always my go to hot drink. You can probably see a theme emerging here. Sugar obviously features a lot in both hot chocolate and fizzy drinks. I try to drink water as much as I can, but I am definitely guilty of going for fizzy drinks more.

I’ve recently started swapping out normal coke for coke zero and I’m actually preferring it. I don’t eat a lot of processed food, I try to make all our meals from scratch. However having an excellent baker in the family is kinda bad, but also amazing. Clems auntie works in Cloud 9 in Brighton, and seriously the cakes are amazing! I’ve definitely cut back on candy and chocolate, so I guess it’s just fizzy drinks and cake to go. I don’t only want to do it for myself but for Clem. Now don’t get me wrong, she has had cake and chocolate but it isn’t something she eats all the time. I would hate for her to get into the habit of eating lots of sugar from a young age.

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