Blogging Challenge Day 4 – Somewhere you’ve been

Blogging Challenge Day 4 – Somewhere you’ve been

Todays blog challenge post is a photo of somewhere you have been. I actually had quite a tough time choosing somewhere for this. One of my favourite places to go is Download Festival which is held every year in June. However pictures of a muddy field, bands from really far away and a whole load of unwashed people doesn’t exactly make for a great post. So I decided to share some photos from a holiday we had to Zante, back in 2013.

Greece is one of my favourite places to go on holiday, especially the islands. I’ve been lucky enough to visit quite a few. When I was little we went to Crete almost every year. There is just something about Greece that almost feels like home. I love the beautiful blue sea, the beaches, the white washed buildings and obviously the weather is pretty great too. Zante is probably most famous for Navagio beach and the fact it’s quite a party island.

zante navagio beach

There is an area of the island that is party central but don’t let that put you off visiting Zakynthos. It is a beautiful island with some stunning scenery especially along the coast. We actually rented a boat one day and took off along the coast to the north of the island discovering beaches and coves only accessible by sea. We were heading to the blue caves. The caves were discovered in 1897 and are one of Zante’s best loved tourist spots. The caves have to be seen to be believed, showing a range of blue hues on the white rocks caused by reflections from the sea. The area is popular for snorkelling to see the wide range of marine life living there.

The caves were absolutely stunning. I have never seen sea so blue, the rock is so white which really contrasts against the blue. One of the advantages of hiring the boat ourselves meant that we managed to avoid the tourist boats which meant we go to experience the views without hundreds of others. It was definitely worth it. The island is also home to some unusual inhabitants – loggerhead sea turtles. Unfortunately tourism is slowly destroying their natural breeding grounds. As it takes over the island more of the beaches and land is being used for hotels and tourists.

The National Marine Park of Zakynthos works throughout the year to safeguard the nesting ground of the turtles in Zante.

We actually went on an organised boat trip around the island which had volunteers on and pointed out the areas where they help to protect them. The turtles breed and hatch during the summer months when tourism is at an all time high, so protecting them is a big job. We also happened to see a turtle on her way to the land, so she could lay her eggs. The boat kept a safe distance to make sure she wasn’t disturbed. Unfortunately others weren’t so considerate and started getting too close. I understand that tourism is the main income for the island, but I really wish it wouldn’t come at the cost of the local wildlife.


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