April Round up

April has kind of flown by and again I haven’t blogged much! Opps. We have been rather distracted by the lovely weather we have been having. It’s been so sunny and nice that we’ve been going for lots of walks, visits to the park and seeing the other NCT babies.

At the beginning of the month on Easter Monday, we visited a local farm park called Bocketts Farm. If you are in/near the Surrey area then I definitely recommend a visit here if you have children. There are plenty of play areas both inside and out, we picked an extremely busy and nice day to visit so the play areas were mega busy and with Clem being so young we didn’t get to experience them but when she gets a bit bigger we will definitely go back! We saw all sorts of animals – llamas, alpacas, sheep, goats, pigs, ducks. They also have a petting area where you can hold the animals and we even saw lambs being born!

For anyone who follows us on Instagram will have seen teething has played a big part of this month, Clem now has a total of six!! teeth with another two coming through! She was off food for almost two weeks so we almost had to re-start weaning, but everything is back on track now. In fact she’s eating a lot better now. Her sleep has also improved a lot, despite the teething. She’s also started standing up, and cruising around on the furniture.

We had a lovely picnic in the park with most of the other mums and babies from our NCT group. I love meeting up with them and seeing how quickly the other babies are all changing. They are all starting to interact with each other now which is so cute. We are meeting up again this week which is nice.

The weekend just gone we had a quick flying visit to North Devon to see great granny, granny, nanny and a few friends. Sadly the weather wasn’t amazing and we did have a bit of rain which was a shame as I would have liked to have taken Clem to the beach. She hasn’t experienced sand yet so I can’t wait for that.

This weekend we are back off to the West Country but this time to Cornwall. We are going to an Ale and Pie festival with some friends, I can’t wait. Even though I don’t really drink alcohol it will still be nice to get away.



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