The big question…

No not that big question, one of the other ones. Will you be returning to work once you’ve had the baby?

As soon as I announced I was pregnant it began. Everyone at work wanted to know my plans, at that time I genuinely didn’t know. I kept saying that all the way through my pregnancy, even after we had made our decision. We live in Surrey, both of our families live nearly 200 hundred miles away in North Devon so having any family help with childcare was out of the question, the choice was either find a nursery/child minder or give up work. I grew up living with my mum, and my grandparents. As a single mum she worked and I was looked after by a close friend of the family who happened to be a child minder. I also went to nursery when I was old enough.

A few days old

A few days old

If we were closer to family then I know that both granny and nanny would love to help out. I certainly wouldn’t expect them to but if they wanted to then I wouldn’t say no. We did look at a few different local nurseries but after doing some sums we worked out that by the time we have paid for someone to look after Clem I wouldn’t actually bring in that much, if anything at all! I also wouldn’t see her that much as working in retail means weekends, holidays, late nights, long hours so we made the decision that I would not return to work. Although I’ve made it sound like it was an easy decision, I actually really like my job. I am a massive stationery geek so working for Paperchase was like heaven for me. However since having Clementine and going on maternity leave slowly one by one everyone that I worked with has left the company including my manager so if I was to return then I wouldn’t know anyone in the team.

I know that we are extremely lucky as Jesse works super hard and has a fairly well paid job. If he didn’t then I don’t think we would have been able to do it and I would have had to return to work. Hopefully once Clem is a bit older, then I can return to the land of employment. I’ve always worked in retail so hopefully I wouldn’t find it too hard to find something even if it was part-time.

I told work last week that I wouldn’t be returning, this was after already extending my maternity leave to the full year. I’m both excited and nervous about being a stay at home mum, it’s definitely taking some getting used to. Now that Clem is getting older I can’t wait to get out and do more things with her but for now I’m quite happy badly singing nursery rhymes, doing lots of messy play and trips to the park in between all the housework, cooking and washing that needs doing.

How did you come to your decision? Did you return to work either full or part-time or stay at home?


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  1. May 13, 2015 / 1:05 pm

    Good for you hun! Definitely not an easy decision and of course very lucky Jesse is able to support you guys, but I’m sure Clem is going to love having you around. My Mum took 7 years off after having me and my sister and I loved having her around; when she did try to go back to work it just didn’t work out and I, especially, didn’t cope it with very well. We should meet up for lunch soon? It’s been ages! xx

    • Ky
      May 15, 2015 / 10:32 am

      Lunch sounds like a great idea. You can tell me all about your new house! x

  2. May 15, 2015 / 1:45 pm

    One that is close to my heart this as i wish beyond wish Jen did not have to return to work and could stay at home with Teddy. Sadly she is returning after a years maternity but thankfully only part-time. Thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky

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