Book review The rabbit who wants to fall asleep

I have to admit that when I first saw the email in my inbox with the opportunity to review a book that helps children get to sleep, I was pretty excited. Clementine has always been a bit difficult to get to sleep, and she definitely fights it so I’m willing to try anything. We read to her every night as part of her bedtime routine so thought we would give it a go.


The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep has been hailed as a must-have for parents everywhere. Using unique and distinct language patterns inspired by Forssén Ehrlin’s training in behavioural science and psychology, The Rabbit is sure to turn nightly bedtime battles into a loving and calming end-of-day ritual. Child-tested and parent-approved, it’s got parents everywhere talking.

“Tired parents of planet earth – this is what you’ve been waiting for… If you don’t already have a copy, you need to order one quick sharp” – Metro

“I’m actually speechless. I’m sat here waiting for someone to pinch me. Bedtime just went from taking two-to-three hours to taking 12 minutes. We made it to the middle of page two.” – Parent on Made-for-Mums

We’ve had the book just over a week now and if I am being totally honest it just doesn’t work for us. Maybe I haven’t given it long enough, or maybe I’m not reading it right but I think Clementine is just a bit too young for it. I feel like the child really needs to understand the words as you read to them. It’s definitely a great idea, and I actually felt tired and sleepy as I was reading so I can see how it could help.

It’s all about the way you read the book. Bold text means you emphasise a certain word or sentence. Italic text means a slow and calm voice, there’s a lot of yawning and saying your child’s name. Essentially you are hypnotizing them to sleep, and I guess that doesn’t always work on everyone. It is a very long book, and the idea is you continue reading the story even if your child has fallen asleep. Clementine can get quite bored if there aren’t pretty pictures to look at, and sadly this book doesn’t have those. There is an audiobook available which I would be tempted to try instead, mainly because Clem usually falls asleep with a white noise app on so that might be better for her.

If we are still having sleeping issues in a few months then I would try this again. If you want to see if this book would work for you then it’s available now for £7.99.

* We were sent a copy of this book for this review but all opinions are my own.


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