Christmas 2015

Hello, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. In the 2 weeks running up to it I managed to get gastroenteritis and didn’t move or eat for almost 5 days! I felt so ill, and then as soon as I felt better Clem got it. Luckily hers only lasted for a couple of days but she didn’t actually feel better until December 23rd which meant that the run up to Christmas was all a bit of a rush, and I was still buying and wrapping presents on Christmas Eve!

christmas 2015

Despite being ill before we had a lovely Christmas. We had one of our friends come and stay with us as he would have been on his own which was really nice. We opened our presents in the morning, and then set about cooking a super yummy dinner. We all ate far too much food, in fact I don’t think we’ve stopped eating since then! I made a chocolate and raspberry roulade which I will be doing a post for soon. It’s one of my favourite desserts to eat and make, it’s really easy and delicious. Clementines granny came to stay on Boxing Day for a couple of days which was really nice as well. We went to Guildford and hit the sales, I might have got a few bits in Zara and Lush but more on that in another post.

Despite the weather we managed to get out for a few walks and splashing about in puddles in the park. It’s weird how warm it’s been lately, definitely doesn’t feel like the end of December. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Here’s to 2016.


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