Clangers: The Brilliant Surprise Book Review

We returned from our holiday to a mountain of post including a new book, Clangers The Brilliant Surprise. You might have seen that they’ve recently returned to our screens more than 45 years since their first appearance and now they have their very first picture book!

Clem was fascinated by the tv programme that was recently on CBeebies, so I was really looking forward to sitting down and reading the book with her. The Brilliant Surprise is written by Daniel Postgate, son of the late Oliver Postgate the original creator of The Clangers. All the original characters are back including major, mother, granny, small and tiny Clanger, iron chicken, the froglets, Sky moos and soup dragons.


One day Iron Chicken spots something very interesting in the sky, everyone knows exactly what it is except for Tiny. Whilst everyone gets excited and ready for the very interesting thing that is coming Tiny and the reader are kept in suspense right until the end when all is finally revealed. Clem really enjoyed it, and I can definitely see this being read many times at bed time.

Clangers The Brilliant Surprise is available to buy now. We wernt sent a copy of the book for this review however all words are my own.


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