Coheed & Cambria – O2 Forum London

At the beginning of the month on a Tuesday evening I headed into London to meet my friend Daisy to go and see one of my favourite bands of all time – Coheed and Cambria. This was actually my 11th time seeing them, having first seen them in 2005, and was probably the best I’ve ever seen them. Their newest album The Color Before The Sun is a departure from their usual ones which have all previously been concept albums based on the comics and graphic novel series The Amory Wars which are written by Claudio the singer.

coheed cambria

“Honey, it’s in the stars
And you’re my everything from here to Mars
And every word I say I truly mean
Dear darling, I hope I’m being clear
Cause there’s no one like you on Earth
That can be my universe”

Coheed and Cambria – Here to Mars

They were supported by Glassjaw who I am a fan of but not massively. Unfortunately I found the sound really bad and this made it slightly hard to enjoy! It was a shame because they have been away for a long time so this was sort of a comeback for them. By the time Coheed came on the sound was sorted out. The set list was definitely one for fans, it included songs from every album with a lot of personal favourites for me. The new album is really good. Claudio and his partner became parents a month before we did and he wrote a song for his song called Atlas which is amazing. There’s definitely a lot more feeling and personal emotion with this album. Live the songs sounded really good, the whole band were full of energy.

If you already a fan of rock/metal/alternative music and haven’t heard of them before then I definitely recommend checking them out.

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