Decision at the Hayward Gallery

On Sunday I had a Clem free afternoon and went into London to meet a friend and see a bit of art. We had tickets booked for the Decision exhibit at the Hayward Gallery on the Southbank. If you have been along the Southbank in the last few months then you’ve probably seen the slides that are actually the exit to the exhibit. Well they are if it isn’t raining, when it’s doing that there is a rather disappointing trip in a lift I think.


We arrived in the pouring rain to be told the slides and flying machines were closed. We could have swapped our tickets for another day which I thought was good or we could carry on with our visit and hope the weather cleared up. We decided to take our chances on the weather as the exhibition actually closes in a few weeks whilst I’m on holiday.
I won’t reveal too much about the actual exhibition just incase anyone is planning on going but I will say I enjoyed it. The weather did clear up so we got to leave via the slides. I definitely wasn’t brave enough to go on the flying machines, but a lot of others were.


Daisy at the end of the tunnel


Would you take one?


Looking like some weird cross between a daft punk and tron tribute act.

After that we wandered back to Waterloo via the Leake street Graffiti tunnel. It’s somewhere that I always mean to check out but just never got round to doing. There were some really stunning bits of work in there, not just your usual name tags and things.
That one was definitely my favourite, the amount of detail in it was insane.


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