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Ever since I discovered LiveJournal way back in the early 2000’s I’ve loved reading blogs. Back then it was more personal, day-to-day diary entries rather than the blogging world of today where people write about anything and everything but I still enjoyed it. My LiveJournal account is actually still active which is crazy, almost 13 years on! I am a huge fan of Bloglovin and find it a great way to discover new blogs. I am hoping that by doing this series of posts I can find some new and interesting blogs to read, and hopefully introduce people to some new ones as well.


  • This Little Space of Mine is written by my friend Leanne. She originally started blogging about knitting but has now started doing more posts about her home, interiors and recipes. She also has an awesome cat named Freds who features quite a lot so if you like the sound of that then go and check her out. Leanne is always doing something crafty, these crochet ponys are so cute.
  • Zoe London. Despite being possibly the most unfashionable person I know I really like reading fashion/beauty blogs. She has awesome style, her hair always looks fab and her music posts are great. She also does some great vlogs. She has recently re-done her blog and it looks amazing. Seriously go and check her out.
  • From the corners of the curve. Callie is amazing, she has a kick ass style and confidence to match. I am not slim and sometimes find it hard to find clothes I like so finding her blog was great. Her travel posts from SE Asia are definitely worth checking out.
  • Claireabellemakes. I will confess I found this blog through Leanne from This Little Space of Mine, and it’s fab. Lots of DIY, planner inspo, crafts and lifestyle posts.
  • A Beautiful Mess. Recipes, crafts, home, DIY, fashion, tips. This blog has everything and more. I am in love with their homes, and I swear they eat the best food. Everything looks so good. They have also launched two wonderful apps – A Color Story and A Beautiful Mess. I have both, and really like them.
  • The Londoner. Rosies food and travel posts are the main reason I read her blog. She appears to have a life that some of us dream of, I swear she’s in a different country each week! Just looking her blog makes me hungry and want to go on holiday.

Do you have any blogs that you read a lot? Please feel free to let me know in the comments and I’ll check them out.


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