First Family Holiday

First of all I would like to warn you..this post will have a lot of photos. Even though we only went away for a weekend we still managed to take a lot of photographs. Last weekend we went on our first holiday that wasn’t to see family. We went down to Cornwall with some friends for an Ale & Pie festival. We stayed in a great little holiday cottage on a campsite right next to the pub that was hosting the festival. Even though it rained a lot of the time we were down there it was still great to be away. It wasn’t all about pie and ale though, although a lot of pie was eaten and Jesse certainly drank quite a bit of ale. We managed to get out and around Cornwall which was lovely.

Despite the rain we decided to go to Mousehole on Saturday. It’s such a cute little village full of galleries, gift shops and tea shops. We went to Rock Pool for lunch. It’s a great little vintage tea room and shop selling Annie Sloan paints and some lovely handmade ceramic tiles. It’s situated right on the cliffs so the views were great and you can see St Michael’s Mount. It’s just a shame it was raining so much, if we can I would definitely love to go back down in the summer on a nicer day.

Sunday we woke up to a clear sky so obviously we all got rather excited and headed off to the beach where as soon as we stepped foot on the sand the rain began again. Luckily it was just a quick shower and the sun came back out. I do love a good beach especially one with lots of shells and decent sand dunes, Holywell Beach certainly delivers on both of those.



Monday we headed back home via Tintagel Castle where yet again it rained. A lot. We all got rather wet, my random fear of heights came out of no where and I couldn’t actually go up to see the ruins. I made it up one side but the other side was a massive no-no. I walked a bit over the bridge between the two sides but I couldn’t go any further. The views were spectacular, and again it was a shame the weather was so rubbish.


Tintagel holiday

Having grown up in North Devon you don’t really appreciate just how nice it is to live somewhere like the southwest until you move away and go back to visit. It’s definitely somewhere I hope we go to more, there are so many places to visit especially if the weather is good.



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