First trip to Devon

On the train

Bundled up on the train

At the beginning of January I made my way to the train station armed with a suitcase, a push chair, and a few other bags and headed off down to North Devon to visit family for a few days before Jesse came down and joined us. Travelling alone with a baby wasn’t actually as bad as I thought it might be. She slept most of the way, only waking for a feed 30 minutes before we arrived. The journey is fairly straight forward, with only one change at Exeter. I managed to get a first class ticket for only 50p more than a standard one so that definitely made things nicer, the joy of booking so far in advance. I made sure I was close to the doors and the train guard very kindly offered to help me off of the train which was nice.

We had a lovely couple of days staying with nanny, and Clem even met her great granddad for the first time!



Great grandad

Meeting great granddad

Jesse came down on and then it was off to family visit part 2 – Granny, Uncles, Granddad and Great Granny.

We were lucky, Jesse’s dad owns a holiday letting business and because it was just after new year it was free so we could all go and have a belated christmas there. Sadly the weather wasn’t amazing, but it was early January so I can’t moan too much. We spent the weekend eating far too much, going on lots of windy dog walks, playing board games and having fun in the hot tub. It was a great way to relax and see family.

The journey back was not so good, after arriving at Exeter we discovered our train had actually been cancelled so we ended up having to go another way home which ended up taking an hour and 30 minutes longer, resulting in over 6 hours travelling time door to door!


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