Goodbye November, Hello December

I’m pretty sure everyone is saying but how is it December?! Seriously this year has flown by, it seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Clem turning one not 4 months ago! November has been quite a busy one as it was my birthday. I celebrated that by going to the cinema to watch a double bill of Clueless and Mean Girls and eat a ridiculous amount of food in The Diner in Covent Garden.

I also went to Hogwarts!! Yep I put on my robe, packed up my wand and broomstick and went off to explore the potions and tales of Hogwarts at the Warner Brothers Studio tour. It was a great day out, a must for any Harry Potter fan young or old. My favourite bit is still the model at the end, even seeing it a second time it still took my breath away.

We visited 2 different nurseries as we have decided that it would be good for Clem to interact with other children and have some time away from me. I love being at home with her all day every day, we can go out and do things but she’s getting to an age now where she needs a bit more. The first one isn’t even open yet and is literally at the end of the road so would have been ideal however they don’t actually know when it will be finished, it should have been this month and it still doesn’t have all the windows and walls finished! The second one is still really close and seems perfect so fingers crossed she gets a place.

I went to yet another gig at the weekend, which was a slightly weird one. As everyone is aware of the events in Paris a lot of bands in the metal/rock genre have cancelled/postponed gigs. I completely understand why they have done that. The band I went to see, Five Finger Death Punch, have actually been cancelling gigs all over mainland Europe due to what happened but the decided to carry on with the London show. There was definitely a different atmosphere than there usually is, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying myself. The only downside was the co-headliner should have been Papa Roach but they decided a few days before to return back to the US. I am a massive fan of them and should have been seeing them the following night as well at a special gig in Kingston. They were due to do a Q&A, signing session and special performance so that being cancelled was annoying but they have said they will re-schedule so *fingers crossed*

So that was November, if you want to keep up with more of what we get up to I’m always posting photos on Instagram. We have an extremely busy few weeks coming up with seeing friends, having a party with all the NCT babies, visiting family and then Christmas. I’ve even started my christmas shopping finally!



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