Lush – Rub Rub Rub and Unicorn Horn

I am a massive fan of Lush. Every time I go somewhere that has one I have to pop in. The Guildford store is my local one and it’s a good job we don’t live in Guildford anymore other wise I would be in there a lot more. When most people think of Lush they probably think it is just for women but you would be wrong. One of the things that I love to use, Jess also likes and that is Rub rub rub.

Rub, Rub, Rub Shower Scrub.

rub rub rub

Rub rub rub is an exfoliating shower scrub made from sea salt, fresh lemon juice, orange blossom absolute and mimosa absolute. It can be used as a scrub in the shower and on your hair to add volume and shine. I use it for both, I sometimes suffer from itchy skin and scalp so I find it really helps with this. You can either use it on wet skin in the shower or if you put a little bit on some rough skin before you get in the shower it’s a good exfoliant. It makes my skin feel really smooth and it actually smells amazing.

As a couple we’ve probably been using this product for a good few years now, and the only downside is the fact they changed the packaging to a tub. Now don’t get me wrong it’s now a lot easier to get it out but it also means you get water in the tub if you use it in the shower which what you do with it! I do find I also drop some of the product every time I use it which is a shame. They also made the tub bigger which obviously means it costs more, however it really does make my skin feel a lot better so I don’t mind.

rub rub rub 2

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar – Valentines 2016.

unicorn horn After seeing this online pretty much everywhere I finally ordered one online along with a few other bits. I was super excited to use it. It looks like something out of my little pony or care bears.  I love having bubble baths and quite often pick the bubble bars over the bath bombs. The good thing about this is the size. It is expensive but I got 3 baths out of it. I loved the bright colours, it looks and smells really good. I thought it might have been sweet however it’s actually quite lavender-y which was a nice surprise. I broke a bit off, crumbled it under the running water and watched as the bath water slowly turned pink. Now I only broke off a small bit but the amount of bubbles was really impressive! There were loads, and they were pink!

Unfortunately I seem to be allergic to something that is in it. I’ve used this for 3 baths and each time my skin has been itchy, red and bit rash-y during and after each bath. I haven’t worked out what it actually is that my skin doesn’t like but this is the first time I’ve ever had a problem with a lush product. I’ve used it all up now so next time I pop into Lush I’ll ask what they can recommend instead.

Are you a fan of lush, do you have any favourite products you always use?


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