March according to Instagram

Another month has gone, so here is another Instagram round-up. I know I say this every month but I cannot believe how quickly March went by, and that it is now April. Not just April, but 3 days into it! March was a good month, we didn’t do a lot but I certainly took a lot of photos, mostly of tulips and food.


1 – Amazing doughnuts from Breadahead in Borough Market. Seriously I love doughnuts and these were amazing. Honeycomb and salted caramel is an excellent combination of flavours and you can’t beat a simple chocolate one. I say simple, it was more that and after being ill for pretty much a whole week these were just what the doctor ordered.
2 – I went to London to a wrestling show to see one of my best friends win the championship belt. My friend Rhia is a professional wrestler and it was amazing to see her win the belt. She totally deserves it after all the hard work she has put in. She is one awesome lady who I definitely wouldn’t mess with. Seriously some of my other photos of her match involve her throwing the other girl over her head. It was insane to watch.
3 – Walking in the park and feeding the ducks. One of the things Clem loves to do is going to the park, it’s good that our local one is so good. It’s massive, has a great play area and a duck pond.
4 – Adventure time happy meal toys. Clem I mean I am obsessed with these little things. I love Adventure Time and when I found out you can buy the toys for 99p instead of buying a whole happy meal, well I’ve gone a bit crazy. They come in pairs in different coloured bags so you don’t know what you are getting but I found an image on twitter which lists all the different colours and what’s in each bag. Cheating yes but at least I can get the exact ones I want.


5 – Walking in the woods. Clems granny and uncle came to visit and brought their dog with them so we headed to the local woods for a nice long walk. Clem spent most of the time picking up every stick she could find.

6 – Yet another park picture, this time in the play area on the pirate ship. Clem decided that no one else was allowed near the ship and shouted at any one who dared come near her. The only downside to the park is all the sand, it gets everywhere.

7 – Tulips. I got slightly obsessed with tulips this month. I think I bought a bunch nearly every time I went to the supermarket. After mother’s day was great as they had loads left over and were all reduced, I got a massive bunch for £2 when the day before they would have been over £10.

8 – For Mothers Day we headed to Guildford for what turned out to be a bit of a disaster. Clem fell asleep as soon as we arrived so we went shopping for a bit, then the place we were going to for lunch was closed for renovation so we ended up in Giraffe. The service was terrible, we waited over 15 minutes for a table despite there being about 6 empty ones, they bought our main meals out whilst we were still eating the starter and just left them on the table which meant by the time we got round to eating them they were cold. The staff ignored us the whole time as well. I expected it to be busy but it wasn’t. The plus side I got a free glass of prosecco and the food was yummy.

So that was March, I can’t wait to see what April brings.


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