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5 Tips for beating those January blues

January is always a bit of a depressing month. Most people have just started a new diet/health regime and failed. You join a gym and go loads at the beginning of the month but then come the 3rd week works getting busy again and you forget. Then you realise actually you’d rather sit at home watching Netflix. Or is that just me?! The weather is always bad, it rains, it’s cold, grey and miserable. If you are lucky you might get snow or even a sunny day to lift your spirits but then  ...

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My love of music

I’ve been into music from a very early age. My grandparents, especially my granddad were always listening to something, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole were two of his favourites. My mum was a massive Tina Turner and Rod Stewart fan. Like most people I first loved pop music, I once got my mum to record on VHS a New Kids on the Block concert that was on MTV. via GIPHY I can still remember the first time I got a CD player, it was for my 10th birthday in 1993 and I got Now 26 to play on  ...

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Yoohoo stationery subscription box review

I am a massive stationery geek, I always have been. I remember when I was little I loved getting a new pen set or notebook for Christmas. In fact I still love buying new notebooks/pens/folders/pencil cases even though I have no need for them. When I got my job at Paperchase I knew the staff discount would be dangerous for my bank balance and it really was! I could probably open my own store with the amount of stationery I own. Recently I saw a few other bloggers had reviewed a subscription  ...

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Days Out

Off to Hogwarts

Up until the last couple of years I’ve had a tradition of going to the cinema for my birthday. I guess I was lucky in that the new Harry Potter film always came out around then. I can still remember when I saw the Half Blood Prince and the death eaters fly through London and destroy the millennium bridge, in the IMAX it was in 3D and it looked amazing. So last Thursday I had a Clem free day out with my friend Daisy to go and visit Hogwarts!! We went to the Harry Potter studios¬†for  ...

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