Show me your teeth

This weekend Clem hit another milestone – not one but two teeth! Both at the bottom, right at the front. She covers them with her tongue every time we try to see them which is so cute. She has been showing signs of teething for the last few months so we were expecting them but they seem to have come through and not caused her many problems which was nice.

First tooth milestone

We started weaning about a month ago now and it’s going well. We’ve been doing a mix of puree and finger foods. She really likes to feed herself, however with a spoon full of puree that isn’t always a great idea. We’ve already had food all over the carpet and on the ceiling so we are trying to encourage finger foods as much as possible. On a trip to the supermarket recently I discovered the Organix range, and their packets of finger foods.

organix finger food

I bought the carrot stick ones and they are basically like wotsits but for babies. Obviously I had to try one first and I have to say they are actually really yummy. Clem seems to like them, they basically dissolve and make a sticky mess which she loves. They do say on the packet that they are for 7 months plus and babies who like to explore their food. Well she certainly likes to do that so I would say if your baby is showing an interest in holding/playing with food then these are great.

As daddy was at work the first time Clem tried these then we did a little video. You can hear her crunching on them as she bites down which is so cute.




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