Top 5 Bedtime Books

Reading is a big part of Clems bedtime routine, and we make sure that we do it every night. She has recently started to show more of an interest in books which is great. I used to love reading when I was younger, I still do I just don’t have a lot of time for it. I really hope it is something that she continues to enjoy as she gets older.

We also recently joined our local library where Clem got her own card which I think is a great idea. It has a cute little penguin on it, and every time we return her books she gets a stamp on a card and when she gets 6 stamps she gets a reward. I think this is great for getting kids to read more. bedtime books

We try to read different books to her but she definitely has her favourites so here are Clems top 5 favourite books for bedtime.

  1. Peepo! by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. I remember this from when I was little. The illustrations are really detailed, one of the things I like to do is ask her to find things on the page. She really likes looking through the holes in the pages as well.
  2. Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. Again another book I remember from when I was little. Clem absolutely loves this one. She can lift the flaps to find the animals, and she has now started to make the noises of some of them. It’s really good sturdy hard backed book which is ideal.
  3. Peppa Pig My Daddy. We only recently bought this one but it’s become a favourite of hers already. It’s all about Peppas daddy, who we discovered appears to be a lot like Clems daddy after reading this!
  4. Miffy in the Snow. Who doesn’t love Miffy, we certainly do. The story is really simple but the illustrations are really cute and colourful.
  5. You are my cupcake. I found this whilst looking on amazon and just had to get it. It’s a really simple book but super cute. There are textured bits on some pages which is great, and the pictures are bright and colourful.

As you can see Clem enjoys short colourful stories that we can read many times over. I would love to know what the favourites are in your house, just so we could maybe get a bit of variety going on at bedtime!


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