Birthday Trip to Bill’s 

On Friday it was Jesses birthday so on Saturday afternoon after the hangover was starting to wear off we headed to our local Bill’s for some super yummy food. Unfortunately I only took pictures of our starters, but trust me when I say order the buttermilk chicken burger next time you go. It’s so good, and it comes with sweet potato fries. Mmm. 

Despite looking rather sad, might be the hangover, Jess really enjoyed his starter of sweetcorn and coriander pancake. It came topped with avocado, watercress, feta, sundried tomato pesto, cherry tomatoes with a crunchy oat and nut crumble. I tried a little bit of it and it was really yummy. I had wanted to get this but I decided on the crispy crumbed halloumi with a lemon garlic mayo and pickled onions. I love cheese, especially a halloumi and these sticks of fried cheese were amazing. Maybe not ideal if you are on a diet, which I am not, but a little treat never hurts anyone.

Clem got some carrot and cucumber sticks with humus to start followed by fish fingers and chips. I have to say the fish fingers were possibly the best fish fingers I have ever tasted. Next time I definitely want to try the fish finger sandwich which is on the main menu. For our mains Jess picked the buttermilk chicken burger which looked and tasted amazing. I went with a good old classic burger with cheese. Again really tasty, and cooked just how I wanted it. I had normal fries, Jesses meal came with sweet potato fries which I am obsessed with at the moment. I definitely prefer them to normal ones.  

I like going to Bill’s, the staff are always really friendly especially towards Clem which is great. I also don’t feel too bad if she makes a mess or is noisy as there are usually quite a few other kids in the restaurant. Do you have a Bill’s near you? Do you have a favourite thing you usually order from the menu?

* I was not asked to review our visit and we paid for our meal I just wanted to share our experience with you all. I think it’s great when you find a baby/child friendly restaurant, especially when they do really yummy food.


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