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My name is Ky, and I live in sunny Hove with my partner Jesse and our little girl Clem. We moved to Hove at the end of 2016, having previously lived in Surrey. We headed to the coast in search of new adventures and some fresh air! We also moved from a flat into a house, with a garden so you can expect to see quite a bit of home decor on the blog. There will also be a lot of posts about Brighton and Hove. I can’t wait to share everything we discover as we get to know our new area and explore it. I’m also using the move as a great opportunity to improve my photography. This area is full of exciting and interesting places to take photos.


I am also a massive fan of music, films and tv. If it’s from the late 90s – early 00s then I will probably love it. I used to love going to gigs and festivals, and Brighton has a good music scene which I am hoping to experience. I am also a bit of a foodie, and love to bake and cook. I change my hair colour as often as my socks, I am not a very girly girl but I do love fashion and beauty. Stationery is also a big obsession of mine. I believe you can never have enough notebooks or pens. Planners, stickers and washi tape will feature a lot on this blog.

You can find me at all the usual places, including Twitter, Bloglovin, Instagram and Facebook.

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If you are interested in collaborating with me or have a question about anything you’ve seen here drop me an email at snapshotsandadventures (at) Gmail (dot)com or pop over and say hello on Twitter.

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