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It’s another dinotastic Friday Fashion post from us this week. I know this dress has proven very popular, I think at least 5 people I follow on Instagram have posted a picture of their little girls wearing it. I guess it just goes to show that the world needs more girly dinosaur clothing! Well done Next for providing the goods. I did a little these for Clem a few weeks ago and put the t-shirt set on that, I haven’t actually seen that in store yet but I did find the dress, the playsuit and a raincoat. The dress was a complete bargain at only £6 and was part of the deal they do so I also picked up some leggings and a t-shirt.dnotastic 2


Rawr! Dinotastic!

dinotastic 3

I went and got Clems feet measured in the week and I’m fairly certain the lady in Clarks did it wrong. Clem picked out these and she wanted to wear them straight away so we put them on. She walked a little bit around town and then down our road which isn’t long. When we got in and I went to take the shoes off I noticed that Clem was bleeding. The shoes have rubbed on Clems leg really badly despite her wearing socks and her leggings. The shoes seem huge and now Clem has a really sore bit on her leg. I stupidly can’t find the receipt for the shoes, although it’s obvious they are from Clarks so I’m going to go back in over the weekend and get them to double-check the size. I know that her feet have definitely grown as her old shoes don’t fit so I went into Next and bought her some canvas shoes to wear until her leg heals.

rainbow shoes

Daddy picked these out, he’s also a fan of bright colours as you can probably tell! I really like the little rainbows on them, and the colours around the lace holes. As always we are linking up with the following linkys

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  1. The dinosaur dress is so gorgeous. The colours are fabulous and the shoes match it perfectly. That’s awful about the Clarks. They are meant to be the best shoes for our little ones, the fact that she was bleeding is just horrible – poor little munchkin. I would definitely take them back without a receipt. Hopefully they do the right thing and let you exchange xx #weekendtotstyle

    1. I know, my mum (and everyone else I know) swears by Clarks which is why I took her there. We took the shoes back today and they re-measured her. Turns out they did it wrong and she is a different size so we swapped the shoes over for some in the new size.

  2. I love bright colours and am loving all the rainbows everywhere this season too. Fab shoes! What a nightmare with the shoe experience. Hope clarks fix it for you

    1. Thanks, me too. We went back into Clarks today and they re-measured her, turns out they were the wrong size so now she has some that will hopefully fit her better.

    1. Right?! Girls don’t get enough cool prints I think, boys always get the fun dinosaur/monster prints so I was super excited to see it in Next.

  3. I love this print so much, If I recall there’s a jumpsuit too?!? I looked at getting it for Baby Lolo. She looks so lovely in this outfit, and the colours are perfect for summer…when it arrives! Yvadney x #WeekendTotStyle

    1. Yeah there is a jumpsuit, I wanted to buy all the things in the print but thought that might be a bit overboard. Yes, fingers crossed summer or even spring arrives soon!

  4. I’ve got my eye on that dinosaur range – Next do great girls’ clothes, don’t they?

    Aw, what a shame about her feet. We got Matilda’s latest pair of shoes from Clarks and I was disappointed by the quality of a lot of their range; I LOVE the shoes we got but there were a lot of others I wouldn’t put on a toddler’s feet.

  5. I love love love this Dinosaur print, I’m really tempted to get the tshirt for Joey as he has Dinosaur Curtains from Next. I love that the dress is only £6 so affordable especially from the likes of Next. She looks lovely #WeekendTotStyle #funkykidfriday

  6. Aw I love this dinosaur print so much! Well done Next for running a dinosaur range for girls. The fit of these dresses is fab too. So great for day to day wear. How adorable are those little trainers as well?! Thanks so much for linking up and hope you’ve had/are having a great weekend 🙂 #weekendtotstyle

  7. I love that Next are doing a Dinosaur range for little girls, Leah spotted some of the bits in store last week but as I was shopping for me I didn’t pick them up that time – I feel bad for not doing so but I was under instruction to spend my birthday money on myself instead of the kids for a change haha. #WeekendtotStyle

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