Favourite Brighton Instagram Accounts


Instagram is definitely my favourite social media channel to use. I’ve actually been on it since it launched in October 2010!! My usage of it has definitely changed over the years, but over all I am still using it as a sort of photo diary. One of the things I’ve been using it for recently is to discover more of my local area. Brighton is an Instagrammers dream. Full of great food, nightlife, independant shops, the beach and more. I follow lots of different accounts on Instagram, including parenting bloggers to celebs/musicians to local Brighton accounts.

So I’ve decided to put together a list of some of my favourite Brighton Instagram accounts. Especially as we are now under lockdown which means we can’t get out and about like normal.

The first one is a relatively new account to me. But it is run by someone who I already followed. A Love Letter To Brighton is run by a local who is posting pictures from around the city that make her happy. Well they make me happy too. From street art, to the beach and colourful doors this has fast become a favourite Brighton based account for me.

My second one on the list is Dave from Always in Brighton. I’ve been following this for quite a while now. If you live in Brighton then you probably already follow this account. But it’s also a great one for people who don’t. Dave also has a few little guides to the city on his website which are super handy. If you like coffee then definitely check out his coffee shop one. He has also set up a hashtag so others can share their own highlights of the city, you can find that by searching for #alwaysinbrighton.

Since the lockdown started the next account has had to adapt slightly, and to be honest I still love it. Brighton Dusk shows off the Brighton moments that tourists might miss. It’s not all hot spots of the city. It shows off moments of every day life around the city whatever the weather. One of my favourite images is this one of a stormy high sea near the pier earlier this year.

The next one is guaranteed to Brighton up your day. Showing off things to do and see around the city, people can use the hashtag #brightonupyourday to be featured. My favourite photo is one of their most recent ones. Taken using a drone it shows the sea, the white cliffs, the coast road and walking trail. It’s not actually in Brighton but it’s a shot from just along the coast and it shows a different side of the area.

Another one that highlights things to see and do around the city using other peoples shots is Visit Brighton . They are the official tourist board from Brighton and Hove so if you are planning a trip the area once the lockdown is over, then head here. If you are a local then check out their insta stories for all the latest on local businesses offering home delivery and takeaway options.

My final Brighton Instagram account I’ve picked is Brighton Street Art. I am a big fan of street art, and luckily Brighton is full of it. You can see just some of the work I found when I went on a colourwalk around Brighton. The work around the city is constantly changing and evolving. Even in our local park we have a kick wall that is updated frequently by a local artist. My daughter is a big fan of his, and she gets very excited when we see new work pop up. One of the most famous street artists is Minty. You cannot go around Brighton without seeing some of his work. So obviously I had to pick a photo of his work.


Once the lockdown is over, I cannot wait to get back out and explore the city more. But for now I will just make do with looking at Instagram. If you were planning a trip to Brighton that has been cancelled then I hope this list helps you get over the sadness of visiting Brighton. But I also hope these accounts will give you some ideas of places to visit.

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