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We were recently asked if we would be interested in reviewing something from the Gro Company, because we already use a gro sleeping bag I decided to try out the Gro-Light. Recently Clementine has been ill and hasn’t been sleeping very well and luckily this showed up just in time. Instead of having to turn on a really bright light we used this which gave us just enough light to be able to deal with her without having to turn on the main light. It’s also great to keep on as she falls asleep.

gro light box

The Gro–light fits really easily onto your normal overhead light or lamp. It just goes on before your normal bulb and was super easy to fit, and I have to say I am really impressed with how good it is. We have a nightlight on the baby monitor we have but it doesn’t give off enough light, this gives off the perfect amount. Not too bright, but not too dark. One thing you do need is a bayonet light fitting, and it can’t be used with a dimmer switch but we don’t have either of those so it’s fine for us. It’s super easy to use as well, you just flick your light on and the nightlight comes on. Turn it off and then back on again and your normal bulb comes on.

As you can see we have put it on the ceiling light and although we have quite a large lampshade it still gives off a good amount of light. There is actually a little switch on it so you can adjust the brightness if you want more or less which is great.

switch gro light

Overall I would definitely recommend the Gro-Light. It’s ideal for a nursery and a kids rooms as they get older. It’s great for night feeds, unexpected nappy changes and helping a child get to sleep if they are scared of the dark. I also like the fact that it doesn’t have to be plugged in down low like most other ones. You can have it on the ceiling and still have your normal light as well. If you are interested in getting a Gro-Light then check out the Gro Store.

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