Hove Seafront Walk – Photos


Walking along Hove seafront is one of my favourite things to do. During the first lockdown one of the local artists decided to do an art walk along there. This definitely encouraged me to get out more and try and see them all. Spreading along the seafront from Hove Lagoon towards Brighton, The Postman Art decorated all of the yellow BBQ bins.

Every time I walked along the seafront I would try and spot them all. I managed to see most of them. I’m also pretty obsessed with the beach huts. I just love all the different colours they have been painted. On a grey day just looking at those can really cheer you up. They go all the way from Hove Lawns to past Hove Lagoon. One day I would absolutely love to own one, as they look super handy for beach days. But that might end up staying as a dream as I know they are pretty expensive – £20k+!!

Watching the waves crash over the pebbles along Hove seafront.

If I am feeling a little bit down a walk along the beach will instantly cheer me up. After dropping my daughter off at school I try and take the long way home via the beach. It is a great way to start the day. During the warmer months, I spent as much time in the sea as possible. Although I haven’t plucked up the courage to go in during the colder months. I am definitely missing it.

yellow bbq bin with image on it along hove seafront

Hove doesn’t have the nightclubs, restaurants and bars that Brighton has which means the seafront is a lot quieter which is nice. Opening soon, Rockwater will be a great addition to Hove. I cannot wait for next Summer and their rooftop deck. It is already looking good and that’s in December! They currently have some takeaway shacks open which were much needed during Summer.

colourful wooden beach huts along hove seafront

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