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20 Questions for the Mum Tag

I was tagged by Bridget over at Bridiebythesea to do the Mum tag. I always like these types of posts purely because I am mega nosey and it’s always nice to get to know people more. The idea is simple, answer the following 20 questions and then tag other mamas. Now I don’t know who has done this and who hasn’t so I tag everyone who is a mum. If you’ve done it before then great, if you don’t want to then fine, if you do then that’s awesome! I look forward  ...

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Download Festival – Top Picks for Bands

Pre Clem I would have been getting very excited about now because next week is Download Festival which is one festival we always went to. The festival started in 2003 and we went every year from then until 2008, then again from 09-12. It’s definitely my favourite UK festival to go to, it feels a bit like home which I know might sound strange because it’s a field but there’s something about Download Festival that makes it different to other festivals. It’s a bit like  ...

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Odd Bods by Steven Butler & Jarvis

I’m pretty sure I’ve never been called ‘normal’ so this book was perfect. Odd Bods is a celebration of every weird and wild child. Written by Steven Butler with colourful and quirky illustrations by Jarvis it was a joy to read. As soon as we started to read this Clem was attracted by all the wonderfully colourful pages. Working its way through the alphabet from Ava to Ramona to Percy and Franklyn, it celebrates each childs oddness and weird ways. I enjoyed the  ...

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May according to Instagram

How is it June!! In just two months time Clem will be turning two! May was a busy month for us. We went on two trips – one to North Devon to stay with nanny for a week, the other a weekend in Brighton. I also had a great night out in London for a friend’s birthday. We ate and drank far too much but it was a lot of fun. Brighton was lovely, the weather was amazing and we spent a lot of time on the beach. Clem experienced her first beach barbecue and tried to eat the pebbles. We  ...

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