10 Christmas Crafts to do with Kids


I love doing anything crafty, I am just the worst at finishing anything. To keep Clem entertained on rainy grey days we’ve been doing some Christmas crafts. Pinterest is full of ideas so I’ve picked my top 10 of the ones I’ve found and included some of what we’ve been up to.

Salt dough decorations – we haven’t made these yet but I hoping to do this next week. We did some last year with Clem’s hand and foot prints and put them on the tree.

Christmas cards – These are great for giving to friends and family. Plus it makes it a little bit more special especially if they feature your child’s hand prints.

Snowflake canvas prints – this is super easy to do and you could do any design, not just a Christmas one. I put tape on the canvas in the pattern I wanted, then let Clem paint over the whole canvas, once it’s dry just peel off the tape and you have your pattern.

snowflake designAs you can see it’s not 100% but my tape wasn’t very good and some of it peeled off as Clem was painting over it. I have another 2 blank ones to do more on. I bought the blank canvas in Hobbycraft, but you can get them in loads of different places, so if you already have the paint this is a really cheap craft to do.

snowflake christmas craftsKid friendly tree – I think this is a great idea, it looks really fun and you can redecorate it over and over again.

Reindeer footprints – This looks super cute and easy to do. You could make it into a card or even make wrapping paper out of it.

Sugar cookies – I used to work in a fifties style milkshake shop and every year at Christmas we had a staff cookie bake, even though the shop has now closed we still get together every year and make cookies. We might all be adults but it’s also ideal for kids especially the decorating.

christmas craftsPom pom snowman – This is super cute and easy to do. If like me you are obsessed with pom poms then it’s ideal. Would look super cute as a tree decoration or on a shelf.

Washi tape christmas tree – You could also make this from scraps of paper/ribbon/fabric.christmascraft_4Paper plate crafts – I think this Grinch one is my favourite.

Brush christmas wreath – I think I might try this with Clem soon. We did something similar for Bonfire Night and fireworks, she really enjoyed it.

Is anyone else planning on doing anything crafty for Christmas? Or have you already done some Christmas crafts, I would love to know.

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