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There’s nothing better than going out for breakfast/brunch when it’s the weekend. It’s one of our favourite things to do. Now admittedly I am not a big coffee or tea drinker…shocking I know! But I do love a good hot chocolate, and that’s my way of judging if a place is good. My partner is a big coffee drinker so he always gives his view on that. If you can also get a babyccino then Clem is happy.

First on my list is The Hidden Pantry on Blatchington Road, Hove.

This place has definitely become our favourite place for brunch in Hove. I don’t think we have had a bad experience from there yet. A small vintage style cafe that serves the most amazing breakfasts you can think of. If you are looking for a greasy fry-up then this isn’t the place for you. If, however you want avocado on sourdough, mushrooms in tarragon butter, perfectly poached eggs or halloumi for your breakfast then head here.

hot chocolate hidden pantry hove cafes

As you can see they do a pretty epic hot chocolate with maltesers and cream, it’s amazing. If you don’t feel like eating a big meal they also do pastries, smaller plates and homemade cakes. It’s small and nearly always busy but we’ve never had any trouble getting in. They have a great menu for kids as well, Clem absolutely loves their scrambled eggs on toast and a babyccino, which always comes with mini smarties. The staff are always really friendly and happy to help. It is a rather small cafe, so not ideal if you have a buggy but they do try to make space for you. Prices range from about £6 to £9 for a full breakfast. The last time we went I decided to go for the veggie breakfast and I couldn’t finish it! It was huge.

Up next is The New Club, King’s Road, Brighton.

This place has been our list for a while. Nearly every time we’ve been past, there has been a queue but we finally managed to get there a few weekends ago and it did not disappoint. The New Club is an American themed cafe, restaurant and bar right on the front, by the British Airways i360. With it’s high ceilings and huge glass windows it gives you amazing views of West Pier and the sea.

pancakes brunch blue plate the new club brighton
I have been thinking of those pancakes ever since. They were so good, not too sweet, and the berry compote wasn’t too sharp either. Both just went so well together with the chantilly cream and maple syrup. It was a match made in heaven. Jesse opted for the Mexican eggs and added extra hash browns. Just look at those hash browns, they were so chunky and delicious.  For Clem we picked the scrambled eggs and sourdough toast. To be honest this wasn’t amazing, but she had already had food before we headed out so she didn’t really mind too much. She ate the egg but not the bread. However the adults brunch menu was amazing, and I could have easily chosen about 5/6 different things to have.

The only downside I would say is that the kids menu wasn’t very exciting, but then this is the kind of place you would go after a big night out. Maybe not so much as a family breakfast. It was busy, but they managed to fit 7 of us in and the service was friendly and quick. They were happy to move tables around so we didn’t have to small squeeze onto one table. It opens at 10am everyday and closing time varies depending on the day, so even if you couldn’t make brunch you could always go for dinner or just drinks.

A few of my other favourites are Lalas Cafe on George St, Hove. We had lunch when we went but it has a varied menu. It also has a great little roof terrace if the weather is good which is nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of below. Flour Pot Bakery is another favourite. We went to the one in Hove at the weekend, and it was nice. They do these amazing brioche rolls filled with lots of yumminess. If you have happen to be near one I can highly recommend them. Also the doughnuts are pretty damn amazing!

There are so many places for breakfast and brunch in Brighton & Hove that we tend to stick to the places we already know instead of trying somewhere new. Is there anywhere you would really recommend?

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  1. This food looks divine you are making my mouth water. Brighton has got some amazing places to eat out at definitely. I always have such a good time and enjoy really good food when I visit. xx

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