Birthdays, moving and surprises- Oh my! 


It’s all been a bit quiet on the old blog front again but with good reason. We made the big move! Yes, we have finally relocated and moved from Surrey down to Brighton and Hove. Which meant that last week was a rather busy one for us. Monday was spent packing our entire flat into boxes. I didn’t realise just how much stuff we owned. Tuesday it was my 33rd birthday although a lot of it was spent packing boxes so it didn’t actually feel like a birthday. Jesse surprised me with a rather shiny new iPhone 7 which I was not expecting. We also went out for a meal in the evening to our local Bills Restaurant as we had packed up the entire kitchen!

Wednesday was the big day – moving day. I was actually really surprised at how smoothly everything went. By 2pm we had the keys to the new house and we were in. I still can’t quite believe we’ve done it. The house is perfect, and despite only spending about 20 mins in it before we decided to buy it, we love it. Clem is loving having more space, stairs and a garden. We need to do a bit of decorating but apart from that everything is good. Thursday was spent unpacking and a trip into London for a birthday surprise from a friend. I had no idea what we were doing just the time and place I needed to be.

wicked the musical stage set up

Defying gravity

Thanks to Southern trains for trying to ruin the evening with a lot of delays but I finally made it. After eating dinner extremely fast, I was presented with a ticket to see Wicked. I had absolutely no idea that’s what we were doing, my friend was worried that I would have worked it out. But I didn’t know that the show was in a theatre in Victoria, I expected it to be in Covent Garden/Leicester Square with all the other ones. It was absolutely brilliant, it’s one of the shows I have wanted to see for a long time. It made me realise that I don’t go to the theatre enough considering just how much I love musicals.

The rest of the time has been spent unpacking, organising and setting up the new house. We are almost there, with just a few boxes left to unpack. The rest of the time has been spent exploring and getting to know the new area we live in. Although Storm Angus had other ideas for us over the weekend. We definitely had a lot of wind and rain, and on Monday the sea was still looking rather angry.


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