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Pre Clem I would have been getting very excited about now because next week is Download Festival which is one festival we always went to. The festival started in 2003 and we went every year from then until 2008, then again from 09-12. It’s definitely my favourite UK festival to go to, it feels a bit like home which I know might sound strange because it’s a field but there’s something about Download Festival that makes it different to other festivals. It’s a bit like one giant family.
Download Festival

I’ve tried not to look too much at the lineup, but finally gave in the other day and looked. I wouldn’t say it’s the best lineup Download has ever had but it’s a good one. There’s something for everyone. One thing I really like about festivals is the fact you can check out so many different bands.

Top Picks for Download Festival

Black Peaks. They are playing The Maverick Stage on Saturday 11th. I’ve heard a lot about this band, and because they are on one of the smaller stages I would definitely go and check them out.

InMe. They are playing on The Dogtooth Stage on Friday 10th. I absolutely loved InMe when they first came along, so to see them still playing is great.

♠ Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes. Playing The Maverick Stage on Sunday 12th. I was a fan of Gallows when Frank was in them so would go and watch them. He’s a bit unpredictable so you never know what might happen.

♠ Glassjaw. Playing The Encore Stage on Friday 10th. Although I saw them with Coheed and Cambria I would still go and see them again because they were really good.

♠ Milk Teeth. Seriously how are these guys all the way down the bottom on the fourth stage, on Saturday! I seriously would have expected third stage at least. Definitely go and check them out if you are going to Download. They are so good. After looking at the poster I almost missed them.

♠ Billy Talent. Second headliners on Sunday night on the second stage, just before Janes Addiction. That will be good. I know both bands have relatively short sets but go and watch them. I love Billy Talent and luckily have tickets to see them in October so I’m no missing out on them this time.

♠ Architects. Saturday, Encore Stage. The new album is amazing, and having never seen them I would definitely check them out at a festival.

♠ Killswitch Engage. A band that never disappoints live. Always good for a sing along, and the crowd always goes mad for them.

♠ Korn. The band that started it my journey into metal/rock music. I still remember the first time I heard them, I saw the Freak on a Leash video on MTV. I was hooked pretty much straight away. I am so annoyed they are playing and I’m missing them. They almost have the original lineup (minus David on drums) and they are back on form.

♠ Atreyu. Another band I liked in the early 00’s, and would go and see purely because the last time I saw them I really enjoyed it.

♠ Deftones. One of my favourite bands of all time. Although I’m not a huge fan of their new album, they always put on a good show. Chino is one of my favourite singers, I’m sad about missing them as they are also touring before Download and I missed out on tickets for that as well.

♠ Disturbed. A total marmite band, I may be on my own here saying go and watch them but seriously they will get the crowd singing along to David Draimans ridiculous lyrics. Oh – wah – ah – ah! I am sad about missing them, despite the silliness I do really like them.

♠ Rammstein. Headliners on Friday night. They are guaranteed to put on a good show, they always do. There’s bound to be fire, if there isn’t I will be very surprised. One not to miss!

Black Sabbath. Is this the last time we will see them? I know they’ve said it before and here they are. Yes Ozzy is getting on, he’s not the most coherent person anymore but he still knows how to put on a show. He was amazing last time I saw him, I’m sure the crowd with love them just as much this time.

As a little bonus here are some photos from various Download Festivals over the years.

So those are my top picks for Download Festival 2016. I’m absolutely gutted I’m not going, hopefully next year we can go back. Is anyone going to Download Festival this year or been in previous years? Who are you looking forward to seeing?



  1. Korn are my favourite band and they were the ones who began my love for metal. It would be awesome to see them and Black Sabbath live. I’ve never been to a festival before, sadly. #TribalLove

  2. Definitely worth sharing post! I feel ecstatic whenever I’m in a music festival. It’s a gathering of people who loves music and once a song is played everybody goes wild specially when its a band performing metal/rock genres. I look forward in attending download festival. I wonder, what month do they usually have this festival?

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