Easter Weekend


I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend and the weather did ruin it too much! On Friday the weather was glorious so we took full advantage of it and headed out to have some fun in our local park. Armed with a ball and some bubbles we set off. Clem wasn’t that interested in the bubbles and annoyingly I couldn’t get a decent photo of them. She does however love to kick and chase a ball around.

running easter park

After that we set off to the play area. It’s quite big which is great, the local swimming pool is in the park as well which is super handy as it’s so close. Clem loves the slides and going on the swings. This was her first successful attempt at going down one of them on her own. I swear she has no fear. There are several different play areas all with a jungle and pirate theme. There’s also a lot of sand which always seems like a good idea until you end up bringing half of it home with you in your shoes or the buggy.

On Saturday the weather wasn’t particularly great but we ventured in to town with friends for a coffee and go see the petting zoo that was there for Easter. There were goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits and chicks. In the afternoon once the rain had well and truly arrived we watched films, did some easter crafts and built towers. I also made a rather epic veggie lasagna for dinner. Sunday was a complete wash out so again another day of being stuck inside. Although at least there was chocolate involved.

Monday is actually our day for celebrating Easter. We are having a friend over and cooking a big roast dinner which I can’t wait to tuck into. I hope everyone had a great bank holiday weekend and the changing of the clocks didn’t cause too much hassle.


  1. It looks positively warm where you were! We got one nice day and took the kids out for a walk. Ended up doing the Easter Egg hunt indoors though and mostly ate the heads off choccy bunnies! #pointshoot

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