Escape Room at Worlds End Brighton


Over the last few years escape rooms have been popping up all over the place. I didn’t realise but there are 4 in Brighton, and last night we were invited to try Lady Chastity’s Revenge which is at World’s End pub on London Road. This immersive experience challenges you and friends with an hour of hilarious clue solving as you attempt to win Chastity’s fabled aphrodisiac wine. Combining clues, comedy and immersive theatre, it’s described as ‘The Crystal Maze on crystal meth’.

Without giving too much away your host, Gabriel, will introduce you to the lair of the deranged Lady Chastity. You then have to work as a team as you battle against her mysterious belongings and strange contraptions. Those who prove themselves worthy will leave with Chastity’s fabled bottle of aphrodisiac wine. This game is suitable for adults of 18 and over, as Chastity does have some slightly sordid secrets and there are moments that could make you scream or jump.

The escape room is based upstairs in the pub, but you have to tell the bar staff when you arrive. They will give you instructions on where to wait. After a short wait we were greeted by our host, Gabriel who was really great and set the scene really well. We were led upstairs to a welcome room and told a few game rules. Gabriel also told us the back story before locking us into a very dark and spooky room.


Step one was to find torches! Step 2 was to find our way into a mysterious box on the floor. Eventually we were able to get access to Lady Chastity’s wine cabinet. We were then greeted by a series of locks and mechanisms. Solving each puzzle unlocked the next clue and got us one step closer to the wine. In the end it came right down to the wire as we solved the last puzzle with only a minute to spare! Phew! That was close, we almost had to spend the rest of our days in a very dark room!

The whole escape room was very well designed and really had us working hard to solve the many puzzles of Lady Chastity. If you do get stuck you get 3 chances to ask Gabriel for help. I think we ended up asking twice.


The Worlds End is a great pub, they have VR booths set up in the main bar area. As well as arcade games, and car racing upstairs. It’s a gamers heaven. We also noticed they do food, which looked really good. Although we were invited to try the escape room for this review, all views and thoughts are my own. I have previously done one in London, and I actually enjoyed this one more. If you are looking for something a little different and fun to do for Halloween then I can thoroughly recommend this.

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