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May sees the start of a very busy summer for Brighton. Looking at local sites, it seems there is something going on almost every weekend from now until Winter! I recently won some tickets on twitter from Tea, Cake & Make, to the Foodies Festival which over the bank holiday weekend. Previously I had been to a food festival in Woking, but that was free non ticketed event.

This one was on from Saturday – Monday, and the ticket I won allowed us to visit whenever we wanted. So on Saturday morning we headed down there in brilliant sunshine to check it out. It was being held on Hove Lawns, right along the seafront, and before we even got in we could smell the stalls. The smell of barbecue drifting along the road. By the time we actually got in there we were starving. We were immediately greeted by the lovely people at Cawston Press who were handing out samples. The man even hurried off towards the van so he could get Clem a special still drink that is better for children. The rest of the day was spent sampling gin, beer, toffee vodka, and eating lots of yummy food.

Out of everything we tried over the two days we went the best thing was the chicken katsu burger that I got from Mai Taiko. It was amazing and so tasty. They are going to be back in Brighton this weekend for the start of the Fringe. I am really tempted to go and get another one.

foodies festival chicken katsu burger mai taiko
Yummy katsu burger from Mai Taiko

One of the main reasons I was looking forward to going to the foodies festival was because there were going to be several previous Masterchef contestants doing demonstrations. Candice last years GBBO winner was also there on the Saturday however we missed her. I did get to see Jane who won Masterchef last year. She was with Tony Rodd, also from Masterchef in the chef’s tent as we walked past the tent. I watch Masterchef every year, I love it, it’s definitely a guilty pleasure. Although I do find that I have to eat something as I watch it otherwise I feel really hungry! Please tell me I’m not the only one who has to do this.

Foodies festival Brighton chefs tent
Tony and Jane in the chefs tent giving a demonstration

If there is a Foodies Festival coming near you then I definitely recommend going. Tickets are a bit pricey but as it got closer I noticed lots of different offers on facebook and the official site for 2 for 1, 30% off on tickets.

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    1. Brighton is amazing for veggie and vegan food. We are veggie pretty much most of the time now. Clem doesn’t eat meat which means it’s just easier for all of us to be.

  1. I love food festivals, shame there are only two in my town: an indian one and a thai one. The katsu burger you’ve got there looks so yummy, it makes me hungry! PS: I also watch Masterchef haha 🙂

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