Friday Fashion – Chevrons and Glitter


It’s the weekend which means only one thing – another Friday Fashion post. This weeks post features a monochrome romper suit from Next which has also been quite popular according to Instagram. I’ve seen quite a few other little ones in it. The weather has been a bit hit and miss this week after such a lovely weekend last week. These photos were actually taken over a week ago, I meant to post them up last week but I completely forgot!

We went to Brighton  last weekend and Clem wore the romper there. It’s perfect for warm weather, it’s nice and light. I love the pattern, it’s a bit baggy on her but I also really like that. I just put a t-shirt over the top just to make it a bit more of an outfit.

friday fashion 1

friday fashion 2

The t-shirt is from Primark,  and I like the bright colours of the print, with the black, white and grey of the romper. It was perfect for playing on the balcony in and running around in Brighton. I really like the fact there are poppers around the legs, makes it super easy to change a nappy. We have another romper that you have to take off completely to change a nappy which can get quite annoying after a while.

friday fashion 3

The other day I picked up this great set of beach/water play toys. There are a few different shapes, a watering can, a spade and a rake. It cost £1 which is awesome, we can take it to the local park which has a sand pit area and she can also play on the balcony with it and a bowl of water. Seriously give this girl a bucket of water and she will be amused for hours.

The second outfit for this week is a turquoise/pink combo. When we went to the park Clem wore some leggings, then by the time we got home the weather had brightened up and it was super warm so out came the shorts. The leggings are from Next, T-shirt from Primark and the shorts are Boots Mini. 

Some of you may remember I mentioned about Clem needing new shoes so I took her to Clarks to get some. When we got home I discovered the shoes had rubbed and made her bleed. Well we took them back, she got re-measured and it turned out they had done it wrong originally. The shoes were too big hence the rubbing, so we got a new pair in the new size and she loves them. They are super glittery and sparkly, she is wearing them in the two photos above.

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  1. Such lovely outfits, I do love the summer cotton trousers comfort galore. Sorry to hear about the shoes issue but glad you also got it rectified. Thank you for sharing #WeekendTotStyle

  2. I love that next romper, we have it too! It’s so great to see next doing less girly colours in the girl’s section. She looks so cute in her second outfit too. Little I is the same with water, keeps her entertained for ages! Thanks so much for linking up with us, hope you had a great weekend 🙂 #weekendtotstyle

    1. It’s great, it seemed like pink was everywhere for a while so it’s good to see other colours becoming popular.x

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