Life Lately – January 2020


The longest month of the year is over, January has finally ended. 2020 got off to a relatively quiet start. Clem went back to school after the Christmas holidays and life returned to normal. Towards the end of the month we got busier with some gigs and Jesses birthday. We also had the class bear for a weekend which was fun!

TV and Film

Cheer on Netflix. I had this suggested by Netflix themselves in an email, and I thought it looked cheesy. But I gave the first episode a go and within the first 15 minutes I was hooked. Within the space of a day and a half I had watched all 6 episodes and found myself crying at most of them! Who knew a show about cheerleaders could be so emotional. It definitely made me see the sport in a whole different way.

This term Clem is learning about castles, dragons, caves and she recently asked if we could watch Harry Potter. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and I’ve been waiting for this moment. I didn’t want to force them on her. Plus I know it gets quite dark pretty quickly. Well we have watched the first 4 and I’ve decided to stop there. She wants to watch more and we will eventually. Ideally I would read the books to her but she is more interested in watching at the moment.

Live Music

2020 got off to a good start for gigs, and I have a few more planned. I saw two of my favourite bands in the same week! The first one was Slipknot at the O2 arena. It’s not a venue I usually go to, purely because the bands I like don’t really play there. But it was amazing! I’m used to seeing Slipknot headlining outdoor festivals and this was no different. The second gig of the week was Five Finger Death Punch at Wembley Arena. They were supported by Bad Wolves and Megadeth and again it was amazing. If this band don’t get a headline slot at Download next year it will be a huge mistake. They could easily do it.

January 2020 was also the month I finally got somewhere with my health. For the last year my mental health hasn’t been great. However it wasn’t until I started to track when it was happening that I realised I have PMDD. I’ve written a separate post all about it, so please check that out. But I’m hoping that this is the start of me starting to feel better and happier.

happy rainbow sticker on blue background 2020

The weather wasn’t amazing, but we did manage to get out and enjoy one of the local parks. It stopped us all getting cabin fever. We also got a bit of blue sky which has made me long for the Summer. I can’t wait for sunnier, warmer days. February sees the first half term and we are at home for it. So I need to think of some fun things to do, especially if it rains. Do you have any exciting plans for half-term?

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