Season 3 of Stranger Things Review


On July 4th season 3 of Strangers Things landed on Netflix and I have a lot of feelings about this season. I laughed, cried, I held my breath in parts and I absolutely loved all the 80’s-ness about the season. I wrote about Stranger Things before, back when it first started. Season 2 wasn’t amazing, there were definitely a few bits I didn’t like but Season 3 has really made me love it again.


From here on there will be spoilers so please don’t blame me if you read something you didn’t want to know. Season 3 starts in Russia. Scientists are trying to open a ‘gate’ to the upside down world that El managed to close in season 2. It goes wrong, jump forward 6 months and we are back in Hawkins. The gang are all back plus a few new characters, including Erica, Lucas’s little sister.

Starcourt Mall is the must go place in town, it’s also got a pretty big secret hiding underneath it. The Russians have built a secret underground bunker which is now home to their giant machine which is trying to open the gate. Why they are trying to open the gate is never quite clear. The mind flayer has taken over Billy and most of the residents of Hawkins. It only has one target on its mind – Eleven. She is the only one capable of destroying it.

You can’t spell America without Erica

With only 8 episodes it doesn’t feel rushed or drawn out. There is also a mid-credit scene during the last episode which I have to mention. At the end of episode 8 we are lead to believe that Hopper sacrificed himself when the machine got destroyed. However we never actually saw it happen and the mid-credits scene could mean he is still alive. The Russians have an American in a secret prison, along with a demogorgon which they are using to torture/kill people.

The kids are all looking older. Looking back at season 1 I can’t get over how young they all looked. It’s still the 80’s so the show is still fully embracing the fashion, hairstyles, music and more and I love it. Hopper is running around in a Hawaiian shirt looking like he is straight out of Magnum PI. Max takes El shopping and I want to wear everything they tried on!

I also got some serious Faculty vibes from this season, which I know isn’t 80’s. Invasion of the Body Snatchers is probably more accurate. There were also some serious Terminator vibes from the Russian assassin. Making Erica go through the air conditioning units like John McClane was nice as well. There were also influences from Day of the Dead, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Back to the Future and of course The Neverending Story. The scene were Suzie finally appears and makes Dustin sing the theme tune was hilarious.

Overall I really liked the season, and that ending has left me wanting more. What will happen in season 4? Now that El and the Buyers have left Hawkins will we see life elsewhere? Will we find out who the American in the russian prison is?

Have you watched season 3 yet? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments

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