Life Lately – Goodbye January


Finally we have said goodbye to January! Was it just me or did that month seem to last forever? The weather was awful, I think we had 2 maybe 3 days of sunshine, the rest were grey and rainy. We didn’t even get any snow like most of the country did. I was also ill for most of the month which made it worse. At Christmas I had the flu and since then I’ve just caught everything that’s going around. But *fingers crossed* I seem to be on the mend. Despite being ill I still managed to have a pretty good January.

Clem was back at preschool and absolutely loving it. I even went in one day last week and helped out which was interesting. It’s not surprising that she has been ill last month too. Every single kid either coughed or sneezed over me. I came out of there feeling like a germ factory. But it was really nice to see how she is away from us, and playing with her friends. She loves going to preschool, and asks most mornings, including the weekends, if she has school today.

We have managed to get out in between the grey, rainy days to enjoy the small glimmers of sunshine we have had. At the beginning of the year I wrote this post on ways to beat the blues. One of them was to go for a walk, and I’ve been doing just that. After dropping Clem off at preschool I head down to the beach for a little walk. I’ve noticed it really makes a difference, it gives me a chance to think about what I need to do for the day.

I went into London a few times, the first being to see Fall Out Boy play a rather small venue in Brixton. It was to promote their new album, Mania, but they also played older stuff to which was good. I’m not a huge fan of their newer stuff but live it’s good and it was nice to see them in a small place. They are back next month playing the O2 so I doubt I will see them again as gigs are so expensive these days. The other gig was again a small venue seeing a band I first saw in 2004! It was for Jesse’s birthday so a few friends came along as well, it was great. They haven’t been on tour for a while over here so it was good to finally see them again. Finally last week I headed into London again, this time Clapham, to see some drag including Sasha Velour! I am a huge fan of RuPauls Drag Race and it was amazing getting to see her perform. Milk was also there, and just as great.

The rest of the month was mostly spent resting, and trying to get rid of the never ending cough/cold/flu that has been hanging on since Christmas. I’ve also started to work on my Work with Me page but more on that in a separate post.


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