What we got up to in February


* There are some gifted products featured in this post. We also stayed at the holiday let free of charge.

January seemed to last forever, but February has passed in a flash. At the beginning of the month we had a belated birthday celebration for Jesse. Some friends came down to Brighton and we headed to a local gaming café. Both of us are fans of both board and video games and you can play both at C:\Side Quest. Having only opened last summer it’s one of our favourite places to go. It’s right on the beach and has amazing views of Brighton Pier. As there were so many of us we had a few games on the go at the same time. I played Ticket to Ride which I absolutely love, whilst the other table played Settlers of Catan. If you like games – both video and board then this is a must visit if you are ever in Brighton.

After that we headed to Brewdog for food and more beer, before ending the night in The World’s End pub. As you can see in the photos above they have an arcade upstairs where you can do remote control car racing as well as a few other games and an Escape room. Downstairs they have VR booths set up, which you can pay to use as well.

Not throwin’ away my shot

February was also the month that I finally got to see Hamilton! My friend managed to get the tickets when they first went on sale a year ago. It did not disappoint, it was amazing. I am a big fan of musicals, although I’ve not actually seen that many on the stage. From the moment we entered the theatre I was impressed. The amount of work that has gone into renovating the building is impressive. It was very shiny as we walked up the stairs to the floor we were on. Although we were super high up we had a great view. As soon as the show started I got goosebumps. I’ve listened to the soundtrack a few times so knew what to expect but it was so much better live. I’m already thinking of going again it was that good.

During half-term I headed down to North Devon with Clem for a few days, before Jesse joined us. We went to stay with my mum for a few days before heading off to a holiday let for the weekend. It was Jesse’s mums 60th birthday so all of his family and friends were also there. We stayed at Hartpiece Farm and Cottage which we have stayed at before as it is actually owned by Jesse’s dad. It’s such a lovely place to stay and the views are amazing as it’s quite high up on a hill.

It’s a great place for large groups/family gatherings as the site can sleep up to 22. There is also a hot tub, sauna and a games room with a ping-pong table which we all made good use out of. On the Saturday afternoon I went on a little photo walk through the woods as the weather was actually pretty good. Although I grew up in North Devon I definitely didn’t appreciate just how pretty the area is. I’m hoping that we can get down in the Summer when the weather is good as there are some great sandy beaches around that Clem would love.

Food, glorious food

February was filled with some super yummy food as well. We have carried on with HelloFresh which I really like as it means we aren’t just eating the same things each week. I’ve also discovered that if you download the app then all the recipes are on there so you can always go and buy the things yourself. We’ve cut down on the amount of meat we eat, and replace it with more veggies or fish and this has helped to give us new ideas.

I was actually sent these last month but couldn’t actually enjoy them until this month. Popcorn Shed popcorn might actually be the best popcorn I’ve ever eaten. Seriously these flavours are amazing. I know you are probably thinking yeah right, it’s just popcorn, how good can it be? Well seriously good. We shared a box with some friends and they didn’t believe me when I said how good it was. But I really wish I’d filmed their reaction as they both said it was the best popcorn ever. My favourite flavour was probably the salted caramel but pecan pie was seriously good as well. I think the packaging is great as well, the salted caramel one is just like a little beach hut.

We also discovered a great place for brunch in Hove, and it’s somewhere we have walked past a hundred times. I’ve lusted over their cakes many a time as we go past but I had no idea they would do such amazing pancakes. I had the ones with crispy bacon and maple syrup but they also do banana, salted caramel with vanilla ice cream so I think I need to return soon just to see if they are as good. Jesse went for the smoky molasses beans with egg which were seriously good as well. Clem had a boiled egg with toast as well as her usually babycino.

Let it snow, let it snow!

This month saw some extremes in the weather as well, we’ve had some really sunny but cold days as well as snow! This week the #beastfromtheeast as the news are calling it hit Brighton and Hove. We woke up to a pretty good covering considering we are next to the sea. I decided to go on a little walk which you can see over on Instagram. It was really weird seeing the beach covered in snow.

We are due more snow the rest of this week which will be both bad and good. I have to go to London for an event so I really hope I don’t have to cancel due to the weather. Fingers crossed I can get there. You can check out more of what we get up to each month either on my Facebook or Instagram.


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