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What we got up to in February

* There are some gifted products featured in this post. We also stayed at the holiday let free of charge. January seemed to last forever, but February has passed in a flash. At the beginning of the month we had a belated birthday celebration for Jesse. Some friends came down to Brighton and we  ...

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Unexpected Blogging Break

Some of you might have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet around here. In fact my last post was 18 days ago. Admittedly we did go away for a week to North Devon, but I haven’t even looked at the blog in those 18 days. Terrible I know. I must admit it was nice to have a break. I’ve  ...

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Days Out

Exmoor Zoo – North Devon Day Out

Having lived in North Devon from the age of 7 until my early twenties I went to quite a lot of the local attractions. It’s nice now that we have Clem so we can start to re-visit them. Last week myself and Clem left Daddy at home and went to stay with my mum for the week. She doesn’t  ...

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