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Some of you might have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet around here. In fact my last post was 18 days ago. Admittedly we did go away for a week to North Devon, but I haven’t even looked at the blog in those 18 days. Terrible I know. I must admit it was nice to have a break. I’ve been having some mixed feelings about blogging for the last month or so I guess. I had hoped going to Brit Mums Live 2016 #BML16 would have helped get my blogging mo-jo back but it almost did the opposite.

It was lovely to meet other bloggers, but the whole day seemed to go by a in a blur. We also rushed off to Devon the next morning at 8am so I didn’t even have time to sit down and think about the day. But anyway a break was needed and I certainly got that. As I have mentioned before both mine and Jesses mums live there, it’s where we both grew up. Sadly the good old british weather was against us, with only two good days out of the whole week. However we still had a fun time.

hartpiece north devon view break

Beautiful North Devon

appledore from instow north devon coast

We made pizzas with Clem’s granddad and enjoyed the views from his house. Clem got to explore his fields, and climb on massive trees and say hello to a few cows and sheep. We managed to get to Instow, where we built sand castles and almost got blown away by the wind. The view from Instow looking over towards to Appledore is one of my favourites. This was easily the best weather we had all the time we were there. I do miss the beaches, Surrey is quite far from any!

sand dunes blue sky instow beach dad daughter

frog bucket garden

Clems granny has a pond in her garden, which is currently home to quite a few frogs. We managed to rescue one that had tried to escape, and put it back in the pond. Over the week Clems speech really improved, she was learning and saying new words almost every day it seemed and it hasn’t stopped now we are home.

Going away definitely helped me to re-focus and come up with a few ideas of the direction I want to take the blog in, but that’s for another post. I can definitely feel a few changes coming on.


  1. Glad you had a good break but sad about your blogging mojo 🙁 Hope you refocus and get back to doing what you love! We’ll be here waiting to see what the changes are xx

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