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Well technically they weren’t lost just left on the camera for a really long time. The other day I picked up my lomography fisheye camera (one on the far right in the photo) and realised there was still a film in it. I figured it was probably from our holiday to Majorca so finished off the film by taking a few shots of Clem. It was only after I had collected the developed film and popped the CD into my laptop that I discovered the film was actually almost 3 years old and contained photos of our holiday in Zante in 2013! I couldn’t believe it, I have a few different film lomo/cameras and this just goes to show I don’t use them enough. I got another film developed recently from a different camera and that did contain photos from Majorca so I’ve used that one more recently. I really enjoy using them, I like the excitement of not knowing how the pictures will come out. Most of the ones I own aren’t fancy, and are actually made of plastic! You literally just point, shoot and hope for the best.

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When we were in Zante we hired a boat which was amazing, we drove around the coast pretty much all day, jumping off the side into the sea and exploring hidden beaches, coves and caves. We were staying fairly close to the Blue Caves, and whilst we could have paid a ridiculous amount of money to go on an organised tour we decided to rent a boat and beat the larger boats filled with tourists.

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There aren’t any filters on these photos, the sea really was that blue!

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Those were definitely the best shots from this roll of film. Sometimes you get some great ones, other times the whole roll can be rubbish. You just never know and that’s what I like, although it can be expensive! When I get the films developed I don’t get prints, just a CD and I always make sure the negatives aren’t cut so it’s easier to get prints at a later date if we want them. Lomography cameras are fun, they have 10 golden rules including take your camera with you everywhere, something I am planning to do now, use it anytime, try and shoot from the hip, I haven’t tried that yet but I might next. Don’t think, be fast and just go for it.

This summer I am definitely going to use my lomo/film cameras more. I am constantly taking photos on my phone, making sure they look good so this will be a new and exciting challenge for me. Does anyone else still use film or lomography cameras? I would love to know.


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