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Clementine, today was your second birthday. You still don’t really understand what birthdays are all about. However give it another year and I’m sure you will be excited. You certainly enjoyed opening the cards and presents you received. We also spent the afternoon in our local park with friends having a picnic, listening to a live brass band and playing games. You ran around a lot, and amused everyone. Making them all play different games with you.

Although Daddy wasn’t there in the morning you didn’t really notice. When he arrived in the park I noticed the biggest grin on your little face. You were so happy to see him. In fact it doesn’t matter if it’s been five minutes or 5 hours since you last saw him you greet him with the same grin. Usually accompanied by a massive cuddle.

We Skyped with nanny in the morning, you showed off your cards and presents to her. Today is not just your birthday, it would have been your great nannys birthday too. Unfortunately you will never get to meet her but I know what she would think of you. She would say you are just like me when I was little. She’s right, I look at you and I see myself staring back. There are certain faces you pull that make you look just like me. I will make sure as you get older to remind you of her. Your middle name was actually her name so there’s no chance of us ever forgetting her. We also skyped with Granny and uncle Lou-Lou before dinner time. It is a shame that we live so far from them. Thanks to the wonders of technology you can still ‘see’ them on your special day.

As you grow and get older, you change and become a lot like daddy as well. You have his monkey toes, we both caught you moving some crayons around with them the other day. Daddy can do that as well. We both smiled and laughed at each other. You were completely unaware of it, concentrating so hard on drawing and colouring.

Over the last few months you have become obsessed with Bing and Peppa Pig. Unfortunately Mr Tumble is also a favourite. Anything with singing and dancing is popular. You love to dance, jump and sing. I really hope our neighbours don’t mind! We have also been watching a lot of Disney and Pixar films lately which is great. Although I think Mummy enjoys them more than you. Your appetite has increased and you are definitely less fussy. Meat is still very much off of the menu but give you a plate of veggies and you are happy. As long as it contains peas or broccoli.

Last year you were already walking by the time you turned 1, now you are running. There have been a lot of boo-boos and tears. But a few kisses and it’s all ok again. Every day you seem to say a new word. Whilst your speech might not be the same as others your age you are doing wonderfully. I’m finally called mama now and I love it. It was only a teeny bit embarrassing being in the supermarket and you constantly yelling dada at me. We definitely got some strange looks every now and then!!

We have some exciting things happening in the future. We are hopefully moving to a whole new area. Giving us the chance to explore and learn about new places. I can’t wait to see how much you change and grow over the next 12 months. I’m still finding it hard to believe you are now 2!!

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  1. #MarvMondays #EatSleepBlogRT what a lovely reflection this will make in years to come, it’s something I’m not so good at on my blog. A belated happy birthday 🙂

  2. Awe Happy Belated Birthday to your little girl! Children develop and grow up so fast!I quite like Bing and Mr Tumble myself lol! #EatSleepBlogRt

  3. Happy Belated Birthday young lady! These little ones grow so fast – what a lovely memory this post will make in the years to come #EatSleepBlogRT

  4. Awwww, happy birthday Clementine! How quickly has time flown. It was lovely to read this update of how her day was. Itll be so lovely for her to have this to look back on and read over when she is older. It sounds like she had a perfect day 🙂 Thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays and sorry for the late commenting! Emily

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