Party in the Park 


On Saturday our local council organised a massive party in the park. This years theme was sci-fi in honor of H.G Wells. The day ended with a showing of the latest Star Wars film. Despite the weather not being as sunny as last year it was still super busy and a great day.

large crowd for wokings party in the park

They had various different things going on from a fairground, dance displays, a star wars tribute band including chewie on drums, the ladies final at Wimbledon on the big screen and lots of things for kids to do. There was light saber training for both young and old, it was great to see so many people taking part in the fancy dress as well. I saw one family and the dad was dressed as a Jedi, with one kid also a Jedi and the other was dressed like chewie. It was so cute! There was also an area to try on steam punk costumes and have your photo taken. The kids area was much better than last year. There was a storytelling tent, a time travelling steam punk theatre group. The handmade flying pirate ship was Clems favourite, she loved it.

Steampunk pirate ship from woking party in the park

ferris wheel up close

 I wish I had managed to get a few more photos especially of the people in costumes but Clem was too busy dancing and jumping around to all the music. 

You Baby Me Mummy


  1. Wow! How brilliant that your council organised a huge party. I looks like it was a fab day 🙂 #pointshoot

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