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I cannot believe it is only 4 weeks until Christmas! I am not prepared at all. I’ve only just started to think about presents and one thing I had planned for this year was to do some homemade/personalised gifts for family. Like a lot of people we love to take photos, mostly on our phones or digital camera which means we don’t really get any photos printed out now. The photos just end up stored on our hard drives, never getting looked at. I occasionally get photos printed out for family members or if I am making a scrapbook/album. So when we were offered the chance to make some christmas photo gifts with Snapfish, I jumped at the chance. I’ve actually used them before to get prints from and I found them really good and easy to use. I decided to make 2 calendars, some magnets, a key ring and a personalised notebook. The photos only include 1 of the calendars as the other is a gift for someone who I know reads this so I don’t want to spoil one of their christmas gifts, the same with the notebook.

snapfish photo gifts

I found the whole process really easy from start to finish. We had to pick photo gifts from the stocking fillers page and there are quite a few to pick from. You then create an album of the photos you want to use on your photo gifts and then get designing your gifts. The desktop calendars had a lot of choice, you can choose from 18 different designs all with various different backgrounds. For the one in the pictures I went with the damask theme which had 18 backgrounds! You can have different picture layouts, with or without text. I was really impressed with just how many photos you could put on the calendar. I did various layouts for each month, some just 1 others have up to 9. I decided to not put any text on and I think it looks ok without it. If I wasn’t doing just photos of Clementine then I might have put text or quotes depending on the photos I’d used. I tried to pick photos of Clem from the months I put them with. Halloween has her dressed in a Halloween outfit, August is her birth month so there are a lot of birthday related pictures for then.

Snapfish offer two different types of magnets and I got one of each. An acrylic one and a photo one. Again they were really easy to make, you can crop, rotate, resize the photos before you put them on the product. I wasn’t sure what the quality would be like because they are obviously quite small but they are really clear and the colours are really bright. Perfect for popping in someones christmas stocking. The key ring has the same picture on both sides, and again I am really impressed with the quality of it. They look and feel good.

Overall I would definitely use Snapfish again, the delivery was quick, the products are good quality and for what you get are good value. I am even thinking of getting a photo book done of our holiday instead of me putting a scrapbook together myself. Is anyone else planning on doing photo gifts for Christmas?

*For the purpose of this review I was given credit to use on the snapfish website however all views are my own.

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