Snailspace Art Trail Brighton & Hove


When we moved here in 2016 the city was full of snow dog statues. We later found out it was an art trail raising money for a local hospice. Martlets provide hospice care to those suffering from terminal illness. Once the trail ended the dogs were auctioned off raising over £300k for the hospice. After the success of the snow dogs they have decided to do it again, but with snails this time.

From 15th September until 18th November 2018 snail sculptures will be situated throughout the city, decorated by artists and community groups with the support of local businesses. There are 50 large snails, and a further 54 junior ones that have been designed and painted by local schools.


snail art trail brighton west pier


The trail, known as the Snailway is all around the city. From Brighton Marina to the Hove Lagoon Beach Cafe and up to Preston Park. The reason for using the snails is that they will hopefully serve as a reminder for people to slow down and enjoy life with the people we share it with.  As well as the trail there are also several other events taking place which you can find here. Each statue has a unique code on it that you can enter on to the app. This then unlocks rewards for local businesses. You can also get maps in local Martlet shops, as well as on the official website.


I have already downloaded the app, of which £1 of the cost went to the hospice. So we spent the weekend trying to find as many as we could. After two days we managed to find about 20 of the snails which was pretty good. I’m pretty sure the next few weekends will be spent trying to find the ones we haven’t seen yet.


Has anyone else found any yet? If you have, what’s your favourite one? We really like FABtastic and Scoopalicious, there might be a bit of an ice cream theme going on there.

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