Snow Days and New Books


This week saw the start of Spring, well it was meant to. However the weather decided to have other ideas and the country was hit by the #Beastfromtheeast and Storm Emma. We didn’t get that much snow compared to other parts of the country. However it was still enough to build a small snowman and throw a few snowballs. It was also Clems first proper snow, and she loved it – until she touched it and discovered how cold it was! Then she decided she just wanted to stay inside and watch it out the window.

Whilst she was at preschool I took a little walk to our local supermarket via the beach. When it comes to snow I am like a big kid. I love how quiet everywhere goes. On the walk down to the beach I have to cross two busy roads and both were empty, they usually take a while to cross. It was also pretty weird seeing the beach all covered in snow and I found some pretty big icicles hanging from a hut. By the time I got down there the snow was pretty heavy. As I looked towards Brighton I couldn’t see the i360 or Brighton Pier, both of which I can usually see.

The snow has now been replaced by rain which just isn’t as fun. But it does mean the temperature has lifted which is good. I was getting a little fed up of minus degrees. On Thursday I headed into London for a preview screening of the new Nicolas Cage film, Mom and Dad. It’s not out until March 9th, and I won’t spoil it but the basic idea for the film is that parents want to kill their kids. Here’s the trailer for it.

It’s a horror comedy and if you want a film with Nicolas Cage going on a rampage then this is the one.

One of the things I like about living in Brighton and Hove is the amount of independent businesses that there are. In Hove there is a great children’s book shop called The Book Nook. This weekend they hosted an event with Sophy Henn, who is an author we are very familiar with. We’ve reviewed her books many times so it was really nice to finally meet Sophy. Her new book is just as good as the others. Almost Anything is about a rabbit called George, who has a little wobble and worries that he can’t do anything. But luckily his friend Bear comes along and with a bit of magic reminds him that he can.

It’s such a lovely book, and we really enjoyed the event. Clem learnt to draw George, made some rabbit ears and came away with her own little big of magic. If you are local to Hove then you should definitely check out The Book Nook. It has a great range of books on offer, as well as a café where you could get a coffee or sandwich.

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