Summer Bucket List for Under 5’s


In September Clem starts school properly, she will be going into reception class. I am a bit in denial about it, as she will only just be 4 when she starts, which does feel young to me. Her birthday is the first week of August and I know that someone in her class will turn 5 just after starting. At the moment she goes to preschool 3 days a week and absolutely loves it. So I am sure she will be fine with big school.

Before she heads off to school 5 days a week I am planning to fill our summer with as much fun as I can possibly think of. If Clem had her way every day would consist of playing with her dolls, going to our local park or watching a film. Now don’t get me wrong, I love doing those things, but a change would be nice.

So I’ve decided to put together a little bucket list of things you could do with your under 5 during the summer.

Clem is really into superheroes at the moment, so I think we will try to see Incredibles 2 when it comes out at the cinema. If I can drag her away from PJ Masks then I can get her watching the first one so she knows the characters. We also have local passes to Brighton Sea Life centre so we can definitely tick that one of the bucket list. Over the summer they are also holding a Lego event which looks really good too.

We go to our local park a lot, as it is across the road from her preschool, but it doesn’t have a lot of shade. That means the equipment gets pretty hot and she can’t go on anything if it’s sunny. So over the summer I am going to try to find a new park, Brighton and Hove is home to a lot of parks so I am sure we can find one that we haven’t been to before.

The beach near us doesn’t have any rock pools however past the marina towards Rottingdean I know there are some. The last time we went we caught a shrimp, collected some shells and saw several sea anemones. Jess has some time off over summer as well so I am really hoping we can tick off a lot of these together.

What’s everyone else planning for the Summer? Have you made your own bucket list, if you have I would love to know what’s on it.

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