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We decided fairly early in the year that we wanted to have a summer holiday this year. In the past we have done a package holiday with someone like Thomson etc… but this time we wanted something a little different. We didn’t have many requirements, other than somewhere warm, with a pool and a short flight. The first thing we looked at was renting a villa and doing it completely on our own. Airbnb seemed like a good choice, but that still didn’t help us decide on where to actually go!

palm tree beach

We narrowed it to down to either Italy or the South of France. I found lots of lovely apartments and villas to rent for a week but they were all either booked up or very expensive. It was then we decided to start looking at campsites. Clem enjoyed the new forest so much and that was just a basic site. After some more searching, we decided on the south of France as the destination. In the end, we went with a Siblu park called Les Sables Du Midi in the Languedoc region. Just under an hours drive from Montpellier, we stayed in a 2 bedroom chalet along with Clem’s nana.

One of the main reasons we picked the south over anywhere else was because of the weather. When I think of the south of France, I picture the Mediterranean sea, sandy beaches and the sun, lots of sun. What I didn’t realise was the area we picked is pretty well-known for its wind. And it was windy and stormy. In fact, we probably witnessed one of the best thunderstorms I’ve ever seen on the day we arrived. But once the storms past the sun came out and it was hot.

Finally summer had arrived.

After a rather eventful journey getting to France we finally arrived at a lovely campsite. The site was only a 10/15 minute walk from the beach, but it also had two swimming pools. By the end of the week Clem was jumping off of the side, and running around in the fountains. On one of the less sunny days, we headed to Carcassonne which was amazing! As soon as I saw the castle I was in awe. It was like something out of Game of Thrones or Harry Potter. Apart from visiting Carcassonne we either spent our time by the pool or on the beach. It was a nice week of relaxing and eating far too much cheese and bread.

On the way back we decided to drive the scenic route back to Montpellier. Instead of heading straight along the toll road, we went along the coast. Driving through Agde, a nature reserve and Sete. It was a really nice route, and I can definitely recommend stopping off in Sete if you are ever in the area. As we were taking our time we also spent a few hours in Montpellier before heading to the airport. I actually wish we had spent longer there as it seemed really nice. The buildings in the main square were absolutely stunning, with so much detail. It is definitely somewhere I consider going for a city break. Two or three days there would be perfect.

Usually when you come back from holiday you get the post holiday blues, which I will admit I did have. Especially given how bad the weather has been recently. But I couldn’t feel too bad because we already have another holiday planned. I think this is the first time since I’ve been with Jess that we’ve ever had two summer holidays. We are off to Majorca in the middle of September for a week. I can’t wait. We went to Majorca when Clem was 1 and it was great, so now she is a bit older hopefully she will enjoy it just as much as France.

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  1. Wow what a beautiful place! That water, I could dive right in. We are thinking of doing a package deal next year because there’s a big group of us going but I think campsites and villas are great for a family getaway! #dreamteam

    1. It was great. Yes, villas and campsites are great when there is lots of you. Especially if you can get one with something for everyone.

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