Sunday Fun in London


The weather has been really nice the last few days so we decided to take full advantage of it whilst Daddy wasn’t at work over the weekend and jumped on a train into London for a bit of fun and sightseeing. We went to Coram’s Fields first of all and because the weather was so nice we decided we would walk all the way from Waterloo! It actually wasn’t that bad and I love London so it meant that we saw parts you wouldn’t normal see if we had taken the tube. It also gave Clementine the opportunity to nap before we got to the park.

london view from waterloo bridge

Coram’s Fields is a great place to take little ones if you are ever in central london and stuck for something to do. Obviously it is outside so the weather does have to be fairly good but it has lots to do. There are several play areas, sand pits, a zip wire, a small city farm and during the summer it also has a paddling pool. The trees are just starting to turn so the ground was covered in leaves, Clem absolutely loved it!

The play areas are great, and the thing I really liked is that dogs aren’t allowed in the park and you must have children with you to enter. On the way back to Waterloo we made a detour through Covent Garden to check out all of the Shauns in the city. They are all going off to auction soon so they had all 120 Shauns on display over the weekend. It was super busy but we managed to see most of them. We also caught the balloons which I had been wanting to check out for a while. I didn’t actually realise but Sunday was actually the last day to see them!
covent garden balloons 1

covent garden balloons 2

We ended our day with a walk along the south bank before heading back on the train. I really love going into London and being a tourist for the day.

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