Three Stack At The Villas


If you ask me what I usually eat for breakfast my answer will be either toast or cereal. Brunch usually means scrambled eggs on toast. However if we go out for breakfast or brunch then I will always opt for pancakes if they are on the menu. Back in March I noticed that Three Stack were doing a pop up for a few weekends, just down the road from us. I had followed them on Instagram for a while and they were on my ‘to try’ list. So I dragged a very hung over Jess out of bed to go and get coffee and pancakes. I don’t think he was too angry with me once they arrived!

Now I’ve eaten a lot of pancakes, and these are definitely up there as some of the best.

So I was sad when they closed after just a few weeks. However I noticed last week that they announced they were coming back! For the relaunch they had set up outside to make the pancakes, whilst inside is a coffee shop. The decor is so pretty, white walls, copper lights and a mix of plants. There is also WiFi and power points so it’s a great space for working if you are a freelancer or usually work from home. There is also a bigger room with another little coffee stand and soft play/inflatable jungle run and toys for kids. We headed into there after eating our pancakes to burn off the sugar.

If pancakes aren’t your thing then you can also get sandwiches, pastries and more. The stand in the main room also does kids meal deals. The price is pretty reasonable considering the portion sizes, £5 or £6 for the vegan option. They usually have 3/4 different types of pancakes to pick from. I’ve tried the fresh and fruity and choc overload which was insane! 3 chocolate pancakes, covered in Oreos, chocolate sauce and more. When we went on Monday they also had a banoffee option on the menu which sounded really nice. It’s literally 5 minutes from my house so I will no doubt be back.

You can find Three Stack At The Villas on Clarendon Villas in Hove. They are open Tuesday and Thursday – 12pm – 4pm, Wednesday and Friday 8am – 4pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm. The Villas is open on Mondays 8am – 4pm but just for coffee.

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