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January is probably my least favourite month of the whole year. The weather isn’t great, it’s been grey and cold here for days now. I am definitely dreaming of warmer and sunnier times. For Christmas I was given a voucher for a 2 night break, so at the moment we are trying to work out where to go. But this has also got me thinking about other places we could travel to if we had the money. When I was younger my dream was to travel the world. Sadly that never happened, but who knows maybe it will be something I do when I’m older instead.

So here is my travel bucket list for 2018.

America is somewhere I have always wanted to go. Jesse was lucky enough to go there for work several times with a previous job. Unfortunately this means he isn’t as excited about the idea of a holiday over there as I am. Both New York and San Francisco are on my list of cities to visit. In an ideal world we would do a road trip down the coast from Portland to LA or across the country. However not being able to drive puts a stop to that!

Also now that we have a 3-year-old, spending hours in a car isn’t exactly her idea of fun. She is also a massive fan of Disney which would mean we would have to visit a Disney World so I guess Florida should go on the list as well. There’s also something about Las Vegas that pulls me in. Although I think I could probably only do a few days there, any longer and I would definitely be poor.

Thailand would be next. Most people I know that have been usually visit Phuket or Ko Samui. But the area I would love to visit is Krabi. I absolutely love the idea of beautiful white beaches that stretch on for miles. If we ever got bored with the beach then there is a jungle with waterfalls to explore, as well as over 200 islands off the coast. Railay beach looks amazing, it is a secluded bay that’s only accessible via boat. There is also the famous Tiger Cave Temple. A sacred Buddhist site which is situated to the north of Krabi Town. A golden Buddha statue sits at the top of this breathtaking landmark, which is reached via 1272 steps.

Vietnam is another long haul destination that I would really like to visit. We have friends who moved out there a few years ago now. Sadly we only get to see them once or twice a year when they come back to visit. So it would be great it we could combine a holiday with seeing them. They are in Hanoi and although it’s a city every time they put up a picture on Facebook it still looks amazing!

Italy is somewhere that I have always wanted to go. I’ve been to quite a few European countries but never here. Rome is a contender for our city break, but I feel like I would want to spend longer there. The Amalfi Coast and Lake Garda are both areas I’ve been looking at for longer holidays. With it being closer we could also take Clem as well. She loves pasta and gelato so she would absolutely love it!

Greece is always on my list. I absolutely love Greece. It is definitely my most visited country. It has everything – great beaches, yummy food, lots of things to do and it’s great for kids. When I was younger we went a lot, mostly to Crete, but since then I’ve been to a few of the other islands and the mainland. Santorini is definitely on my list of islands to visit next. I just love all the white washed buildings against the blue sky and sea.

The last place on my travel bucket list would be Norway. One of my dreams is to see the Northern Lights. So somewhere in the North would be ideal. I’ve also only really ever been on warm, sunny holidays so this would make a great change. Jesse isn’t a huge fan of sun holidays either, so this would probably be his number one.

What would be on your travel bucket list? Or have you been to any of the places on mine? I would love to know. If you could also recommend some places for a European city break that would be great too as we are really struggling to decide. There are too many options.

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